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The European Accounting Association is launching the sixth edition of its job market for accounting academics –Talent Workshop. The event will be held online during November 3-6, 2020 and it will be hosted by IE University.

We welcome institutions of higher learning searching for junior faculty as well PhDs that have completed their degree or will to do it in the foreseeable future. The Talent Workshop will provide a venue where candidates can present their work as well as hold interviews with recruiters.



Mario Schabus

TW 2016, University of Amsterdam, now at University of Melbourne

“The Madrid job market conference was a great experience as I learned about many potential employers from a variety of countries. Even though you can only sign up for one job, you learn about your opportunities and the conditions different employers offer. Further, it’s a chance to network you shouldn’t forego as you never know what will happen a few years ahead. I spoke with professors from University of Melbourne, my current employer, and got to discuss teaching/research demands as well as how my research would fit in the work faculty is engaged in.”

Cristina Grande

TW 2018, PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, at Cass Business School starting 2019

“My experience at the 2018 Talent Workshop held at IE was very positive and key to finding a job. I had the opportunity of being interviewed by universities not only from Europe but also from other parts of the world. The TW was the perfect setting to meet great scholars and job market candidates and make myself known.”

Giulia Redigolo

TW 2016, University of Padova and Venice, now at ESADE

“The Talent Workshop is a great opportunity for PhD rookies in Accounting t get exposure and establish the very first contact with European/international schools seeking to recruit new accounting faculty. The event brings together universities and PhD candidates in a very effective way through a matching mechanism. As a PhD candidate, you will have the unique opportunity to present your research in front of all interested recruiters and hold individual interviews with schools. In addition to being a bridge to your future academic career, the TW offers you the chance to learn more about schools and faculty that you might be interested in, as well as to expand your academic network. Definitely a precious and valuable experience!”

Facundo Mercado

TW 2017, PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, now at University of Warwick

“The IE/EAA Talent Workshop is a great initiative. It saves you time searching for job opportunities, increases your visibility, and gives you the opportunity to have interviews with many universities in the same venue. In my case it was very helpful for getting my current job as an Assistant Professor at Warwick Business School. Bottom-line, the IE/EAA Talent Workshop makes the job market process much easier for PhD candidates.”

Cinthia Valle Ruiz

TW 2017, PhD from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, now at IESEG School of Management

“I attended the 3rd edition of the Talent Workshop in Madrid and thanks to that, I got an Assistant Professor position at IESEG School of Management. The Talent Workshop is a great place to get the first contact with Schools in which you are potentially interested. Having the opportunity to meet with some of the faculty members helps you to better understand whether the school might be a potential good match. Further, sometimes you get some additional information that is not contained in the job posting. Even though it lasts only 2 (very intense) days, is a very efficient event as you can meet with many Schools which helps with the first screening (for candidates and Universities). In my case, I had the opportunity to meet with most of the Universities I was interested in and during the interviews, I got valuable information about the School, faculty members and the expectations they have for junior faculty. Besides the benefits of getting to know better the Universities, the Talent Workshop is an excellent occasion to further develop (or to start building) our networking. I remember that during the Talent Workshop I had the first contact with some people in my research area with whom I am planning to have some projects in short-term (of course, after the event I took an active approach to keep in contact with them but it really helped to break the ice).”



Building Bridges between Young Talent and Academic Institutions.

Institutions of higher learning witness increasing mobility of PhD students and faculty. In addition, to short-term initiatives aiming at providing placement for PhD students and faculty for one semester and/or an academic year, a growing number of universities and business schools enforce non-inbreeding policies on their PhD students. In turn, the wide implementation of these policies has brought about significant increases in the long-term mobility rate of faculty across countries and regions.

In 2020, as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not advisable to hold the event face-to-face. Due to this, the Management Committee of the European Accounting Association agreed on having the 2020 edition organized remotely. Under this format, universities and business schools will be provided with an infrastructure that will enable them to evaluate candidates and hold interviews with those that they select. In this respect, candidates will be asked to submit their CVs, research statements, and job markets. After evaluation by the Academic Committee of the EAA Talent Workshop, accepted candidates will be asked to produce a 20-minute presentation video of their job market papers. Such materials will be made available to recruiters for assessment of candidates and to schedule their interviews.

As in previous editions of the EAA Talent Workshop, recruiters will have the initiative to schedule interviews. During 3-6 November, 2020, IE University staff will provide technological support to candidates and recruiters to ensure the viability of their meetings and interviews.


Opening Session

IE University
Online, 3-6 November, 2020

The Opening, Online Session of the EAA Talent Workshop will be held on November 3, 2020. The leadership of the EAA and the local organizers will address candidates and recruiters to let them know about the specifics of this edition.


Institutions Participating in the Talent Workshop

The Talent Workshop held editions in 2015-2019. In these editions, the following academic institutions participated as recruiters:

  • Aalto University School of Business
  • Aarhus University,
  • Adam Smith Business School – University of Glasgow,
  • BI– Norwegian Business School,
  • Bocconi University,
  • Cass Business School – City University London,
  • Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics,
  • China Europe International Business School,
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong,
  • Copenhagen Business School,
  • CUNEF,
  • Erasmus University,
  • ESADE,
  • ESSEC Business School,
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management,
  • HEC Paris,
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
  • IE Business School / IE University,
  • IESE Business School,
  • IESEG School of Management,

  • KU Leuven,
  • Lancaster University
  • London School of Economics and Political Science,
  • Ludwig- Maximilians Universitat,
  • LUISS University,
  • Monash University,
  • Neoma Business School,
  • Nord University,
  • Norwegian School of Economics,
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,
  • Rennes School of Business,
  • RSM Erasmus University,
  • SolBridge International School of Business,
  • Stockholm School of Economics,
  • The American University in Cairo,
  • The University of Queensland Business School,
  • The University of Sydney,
  • Tilburg University,
  • Toulouse Business School,
  • Trinity College Dublin,
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,
  • Universidad de Navarra,
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra,

  • Université Catholique de Louvain (Louvain School of Management),
  • University of Amsterdam,
  • University of Bern,
  • University of Bolzano,
  • University of Bristol,
  • University of Cambridge,
  • University of Exeter Business School,
  • University of Glasgow,
  • University of Groningen,
  • University of Manchester,
  • University of Mannheim,
  • University of Melbourne,
  • University of North Texas,
  • University of Notre Dame,
  • University of Oxford,
  • University of Southern Denmark,
  • University of Sussex,
  • University of Waterloo,
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business,
  • University of Washington,
  • UNSW Sydney,
  • Warwick Business School and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Institutions interested in supporting the initiative and participating in the job market, please, email:

By supporting this EAA initiative, universities and business schools commit themselves to attend the Talent Workshop if they have vacancies for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Online edition – Dates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Accounting Association will organize this 2020 edition as an online event. It will be held during November 3-6, 2020 and it will be organized by IE University.


register icon

PhD students interested in participating in the job market as candidates are asked to submit the following materials by October 1, 2020 at the latest.

  • their job market paper
  • resume
  • brief research statement.

Please send this information to at the following email address: Participation in the Talent Workshop is free for accepted candidates, and this will cover their participation in the scientific program, availability to hold interviews with recruiters, and coffee breaks. Upon acceptance to the Talent Workshop, candidates will be asked to complete the registration form that will be available on the website and prepare a 20-minute video presentation of their job market paper. The recording should be submitted by October 19th 2020, at the latest.


Recruiting institutions are asked to complete the registration form that is available on As consequence of the odd situation created by the pandemic, as well as reductions in the organizational costs of the online version of the EAA Talent Workshop, the institutional, flat fee for universities and business school is 200 euros. Registered institutions may use as many recruiters as necessary.




The Talent Workshop is organized around two main activities:

  1. Examination of candidates’ documents: CVs, Video-recording of their job market papers, research statements, and job market papers.
  2. Interviews between recruiters and candidates, which will be held online. Recruiters have the initiative to schedule the interviews. If necessary, technical support will be provided by IE University staff during the Workshop.

As an institution, please, register on: Registration

The deadline for doctoral students to submit their applications is October 1st. We expect to produce a list of admitted candidates in the following week. By October 19, candidates will need to submit the video-recordings of their job market paper presentations. Right after that, we will produce an easy-to-handle software packet that will contain:

  1. Information about each of the admitted candidates.
  2. A link (one click), where you can express your interest in holding an interview with the candidate. The candidate will automatically receive information about your interest in proceeding with an interview.


At the same time, candidates receive a similar software packet, which contains the list of recruiters. They will be asked to click on the link of those institutions they are interested in.


In case of common interest, recruiters have the initiative to schedule an interview.

After your registration, we will email you a scanned version of the invoice. Please, make sure that you provide us with all relevant information (e.g., name, tax number)

Institutions should name one faculty member as contact. We will provide this person with access to the candidates’ materials. Then, please, share such the PIN and password with your colleagues so that your institution may use as many recruiters as necessary.

Available information on the Cloud is the same for all recruiters. Please, do not delete/add files. We suggest you download these files and work with them.

The 6th Edition of the EAA Talent Workshop will be held in remote. As the video recording of job market papers will be available to recruiters, this makes unnecessary to schedule live presentations of job market papers during the Workshop. Candidates and recruiters are established in very different time zones and a regular programme of the Workshop (e.g., parallel sessions) would be redundant with the video recordings and highly problematic in terms of candidates and recruiters’ availability. Therefore, this online version of the Workshop will focus on interviews between candidates and recruiters during November 3-6, 2020.


PhD students who are about to complete their doctoral degree; PhDs; accounting scholars searching for placement.

Recruiters expect to review working papers or manuscripts that are under review in a journal. They do not expect to review/watch presentations of a ‘final’ paper.

1) Scheduling your interviews: try to stick to the schedule. Please, make sure that you are available some minutes before the scheduled time for the interview.

2) You will have to record a video of your job market paper:

– Make sure the content is efficient and concise.
– Take into account the time constraints.
– Practice: Go prepared to the interviews

3) Ask questions: ask recruiters what you’re curious about! Don’t be shy.

With respect to the video of your job talk, there is no standards and, hence, depending on the topic of your paper and your preferences, you may decide to use a slide presentation with your voice; or combine both, so that recruiters can watch yourself while presenting your slides. It is your call.

The 6th Edition of the EAA Talent Workshop will be held in remote. As the video recording of job market papers will be available to recruiters, this makes unnecessary to schedule live presentations of job market papers during the Workshop. Candidates and recruiters are established in very different time zones and a regular programme of the Workshop (e.g., parallel sessions) would be redundant with the video recordings and highly problematic in terms of candidates and recruiters’ availability. Therefore, this online version of the Workshop will focus on interviews between candidates and recruiters during November 3-6, 2020.

Talent Workshop

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